Scroll phat HD gamma table


Hello. I’d like to propose a set_gamma() method on the scrollphathd object. I’m experimenting with different gammas and will eventually need to set a gamma on a finished project. If/when I upgrade to a new version of the library, I’d like to be able to continue using my code without re-hacking the library code. What are your thoughts?

I’ve also made a change to the number ‘4’ (code point 0x34) in the 5x5 font that I’d like to propose for inclusion. Is there a formal submission process or something I do on github or …?

Thanks, Mark

EDIT: I see there IS a set_gamma() method on the matrix object but I get “AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘set_gamma’” when I use it on the scrollphathd object.


I believe you do requests like that on GitHub?


Aye, GitHub is the best place for feature requests, although I don’t mind fielding them here!

As it happens, Scroll pHAT HD is due for a new release shortly, so I’ve whipped this change in quick (since the function already existed, it just needed a minor tweak and to be made available). See:


Thanks, to both of you. I look forward to the next release and appreciate the EXTREMELY fast turn-around on this request. In the mean time, since I’m making a clock, I’ve created a file that I’m tweaking so I don’t change the standard one. If, in the end, it looks worthwhile, I’ll submit it to Github.


I just tried the latest github code and am able to change the gamma at will. Thanks.