New Scrollphat HD compatible with code written for old scrollphat?


Exiting news about the new scrollphat HD!

Will code written for the old scrollphat work as is or does it need to be adjusted in some way?


it’s a different chip entirely, driven by an entirely different custom library, so some adapting will be needed.

It could be as simple as:

import scrollphathd as scrollphat
from scrollphathd import clear, show, scroll, set_pixel
(replacing scrollphat by scrollphathd at the top of your code)

but that will depend on the existing code.

I ported the Scroll pHAT advanced scrolling example with very little trouble- the APIs are designed to be as close as possible, while ditching some of the things that bugged me about the Scroll pHAT. Moving your code over should be as easy as @RogueM suggests.

Thanks guys.

What parts where ditched (and even annoying) ?

The whole Scroll pHAT library was an abomination far too closely coupled with the hardware ;)

Which necessitated things like this:

Actually, it was so bad that it never had the “advanced scrolling” example I mentioned- just remembered I ported that from Microdot pHAT.

I was actually in the process of rewriting the Scroll pHAT library from scratch to adopt the techniques I used in Microdot pHAT, I might still finish it :D -

Thanks for the info!

Another qustion;
I’d like to 3d print some sort of diffuser, and was wandering what the distance is between each led?