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Trying to learn some Python, started out with books, but I don’t want to learn to code perse, I want to piddle with Pi and Arduino, make things light up, beep, etc, etc, I started with the PiGlow and understand it enough, have moved to the scroll phat, but there is no documentation, I understand some of what the examples are doing, but I would benefit from what the methods do, I see the and that looks like what I want, but don’t know what all of them do, I assume this is where the docs would come from, does anyone know what all of these do? I’ll start…

scrollphat.write_string(“what you want written”) - writes on the screen, but is limited to about 3 spaces

scrollphat.scroll() - scrolls what is sent, I have only tried with the write_string, allowing more than 3 characters


I like where your going with this i would like to create simple animations but have no idea where to start because i cant find enough information on the scrollphat other than picking at the example code.


I’ll try to write a Scroll pHAT getting started guide.

This is something I’m planning to do for all of our HATs and pHATs.

What things would be useful to include? What sorts of things would you like to do?


Thanks for the reply! I’m not looking to do anything specific with it right now, other than learn how to use these things, been buying up some HATS and learning how to use them, I’m not a programmer, although I play one on TV, so I really don’t know what to ask for. I am doing experiments to learn how to operate these things, and have just been making notes as to what I have learned. Most of my notes are copy/pasta from other pages, especially if I understand them, here is an example:

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Pi Glow Stuffs


  • from piglow import PiGlow

  • piglow = PiGlow()

  • piglow.colour([1-6],[0-255])

    • 1=White, 2=Blue, 3=Green, 4=Yellow, 5=Orange, 6=Red
    • 0-255 Brightness
  • piglow.colour([color],[0-255])

    • “white”, “blue”, “green”, “yellow”, “orange”, “red”
    • 0-255 Brightness
  • piglow.color([0-255])

    • white, blue, green, yellow, orange, red
  • piglow.all([0-255])

  • piglow.led([1-18],[0-255])

    • Individual LED by number
  • piglow.led1-led18([0-255])

    • Individual LED by function
  • piglow.arm([1-3],[0-255])

    • Control an arm of LEDs by number
    • Arm 1 - Top
    • Arm 2- Right
    • Arm 3 - Left

    • Call this to update
    • ###OR
    • piglow.auto_update = True
  • piglow.auto_update = True

Pins used by PiGlow

P1 & P17 (3V3)

P2 (5V)

P14 (GND)

P3 (SDA)

P5 (SCL)


Ok, I’ll try to make it quite broad in scope.

An actor, you say? From what would we know you? :-D


Nah, was just referencing that old commercial, to be completely honest, I have seen/heard the “I’m not a ___ but I play one on TV” a fair amount, but didn’t know what it came from until I just read this

Thank you for the help, I’m hoping I can use the examples, and your definitions to learn something so I can get better at this!