Scroll phat hd source code (sorted)

Hi Everybody,

I’m looking for a way to read and set the frame buffer from a scroll phat hd so I can do transitions. i.e. read the currently showing buffer, write to the next buffer, read all the pixels from both and work out the deltas.

I’ve cloned the github repository but I can’t find where actually lives so I can look at the write_string code. Can someone help me ?


Found it.

Its in “” (leading and trailing double underscores not showing)

Scroll pHat Mini? If yes the function reference is here, which might help.
Welcome — Scroll pHAT HD 1.2.0 documentation (

Thanks Alphanumeric but I needed to see how the code worked. The code in in the library folder on github tells me what I need.

Quite neat, there are two global variables - buf and display which tell you which frame is being displayed and which is being written to. I can use them to do what I want.

Thanks anyway.

Sounds like you have it all figured out. Over my head if I’m honest. Sounds like your doing some pretty cool stuff.