A slow turning motor

My dad wants to display a small piece of sculpture on a slowly turning table.
He tried the usual little motor, which had no power under weight or turned at an insanely high rate.
I’ve figured out I need a geared motor, which I see are sold here. I’m not sure quite what I’m after, is the stall torque kg/cm simply mean the highest weight it can start turning with- the 1006:1 can turn 5.3kg?
Regarding the power source, I don’t even know what to call the battery…holder? It’d be great to have a on/off button or switch too, oh and maybe I could make him a second one that’s solar powered?
Lastly, what’s the easiest way to attach objects to the turning part of the motor, are there any add ons or do I need to make something myself?
Thanks so much!!!