Micro Metal Gearmotor and LEGO

Now that you stock LEGO wheel axle adaptors I would like to know if there are any plans to produce/stock a LEGO compatible bracket for the motor?

Does anybody know if such a thing already exists?

Cheers :-)

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Something like this?

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@ConnorPlant - Thanks, that’s the very thing I’m looking for :) Where did you get it?

The acrylic part I just drew up and cut it out, the mounts are these ones https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/pololu-micro-metal-gearmotor-bracket-pair-black

Do you have the mounts already?


No, not got the mounts (yet) I was waiting to see what kind of LEGO adapter I could get before ordering.

If you place your order and let me know the order number, I’ll throw in 4 of these mounts for you to beta test.


Well that’s a offer I could not refuse :-)

Ordered some motors and brackets: Order #34083


Cool, I’ve given them to the post team to send out with your order.

When you get them let me know what you think, either on here or Twitter.


Hi Conner,

Forgot to mention the mounts arrived but I have not had a chance to try them out yet.

Thanks again.


Hi @ConnorPlant

I’m just about to build an autonomous pi buggy and ordered several of these mini gear motors.
This is nearly exactly what I’m after.

If I order some of the mounts, can I also test (or even purchase) 5x acrylic plates?

Any news on when the Cake Board is back in stock?


Hey Tucks,

I don’t have any currently!
When do you need them for?


Hi oddly, I did not receive your reply.

Sometime in the next month would be superb.
Perhaps 3D print to order is a good idea for these?
I figure in the meantime I should be able to hem it in with lego somehow.

I’ll knock some out as soon as I can and let you know.


What happened with the Lego mounts. Are these available to buy or is the a file I can download to get 3D printed. Looks a perfect solution to mounting a motor with Lego.