Where can I get gears and cogs to fit Micro Metal Gearmotors?

Hi my name is John and I am a newbie (actually an old newbie who will be 77yrs young tomorrow). I am trying to repair a Chrstmas ‘‘Santa’s Workshop’’. I bought the COMO800 Micro Metal Gearmotor last December (delay nothing to do with Covid but it has been a busy 12 months!) Does Pimoroni offer plastic gears/cogs to suit or is the a recommended source please?

There is a Lego motor shaft adapter.
Micro Metal Gearmotor to LEGO® Axle Adaptor (pack of 4) – Pimoroni

And tracks and wheels for them
Pololu Track Set – Pimoroni
Moon Buggy Wheels - Pair – Pimoroni
Pololu Wheel 32x7mm Pair – Pimoroni

Thanks for the quick response. I am actualy trying to mate/connect the motor to an existing gear train (like the cogs in a clockwork clock)

I haven’t seen anything like that? Will any of the gears in the reduction bit mate up with your gear train? You may have to get really creative to get this to work.

I will continue to search the web for something i can utilise. When, hopefully, I sort it I will let you know what I used.