Adafruit ads1115 for low signal voltages

Hi, I’m looking to add an ADC to my Pi but I need one that will measure down to 30mV.
Can anyone help me work out if the ADS1115 will do that please?
[My project is to measure the voltage dropped across a power mosfet so that I can monitor power used in a Greenpower car].

It should work. I am currently finalising a design for a gas analyser, and the breadboard model can deal with the output of the O2 cell. That has a maximum output of ~70mV.
One thing I would suggest is that your code ramps up the gain on the ADC, as using too high a gain (should you get a higher than expected input) will damage the chip. Overall, I would definitely recommend the ADS1115, and if you don’t need the resolution, the 1015 is just as good.