Adafruit ble sniffer problem


I’ve just got a BLE Sniffer V2 Firmware from you. It can see BLE advertising packets ok, but never sees a connect request or subsequent exchange.
I know multiple connections are required to capture the event, but I have tried > 100 times with no success.

Have tried 2 phones, 2 different (Windows 10) PCs, same result. Am using NRF toolbox UART to connect to a Feather 32U4 Bluefruit with the uart_data sketch running.

It may be relevant that I also never see scan response packets - which I am fairly sure are being sent, as I can see the device name in uart app, adafruit bluefruit app etc, and that is not in the normal advertising packet.

Am wondering now if the sniffer itself is faulty.

I have tried posting this in the adafruit forum, but no response.

Any ideas?