Adafruit Feather Bluefruit LE. When?


They just released these, when do you think you’ll have them in stock? A few months about I made the guggen hat and since they announced this product will be coming I’ve been waiting to do an upgrade. It’s out now. :)

Ta, Richard.


Hola! They are in our next shipment so I’d expect them in stock first thing next week. :-)


Ace, I’ll be checking next week. Really nice all in one solution. :)


Any news on when these are coming back into stock? I bought a Bluefruit LE Micro earlier this week before realising it’s now discontinued in favour of the Feather BLE. Unfortunately, I forgot to order the LiPo backpack that seems to turn the former into the latter. D’oh!



Maybe worth while to wait for the M0 version, more everything. :) The battery addition is small but really nice feature on the feathers. I’ve now updated my Guggen hat, a much neater implementation now.


I might well do that :)

The silly thing is, the NRF51822 chip inside the red BLE module is itself a fully-functional M0 with only half the flash and memory used by the BLE stack! It’s more powerful than the Atmel chip running it!

For my purposes – making a custom BLE remote control for use with iBooks on an iPad – the NRF51 should be more than sufficient on its own. However, even after buying the NRF51 dev kit, a Segger and a range of modules (RFduino, MetaWear, no-name modules, and even hacked-open Estimotes) I’ll be damned if I can actually get them to work. 30 pages of source code barely presses a button on the remote keyboard, and that’s without DFU, any useful power management or error handling. The sample code is either too simplistic or utterly incomprehensible, and the build process is the most byzantine setup I’ve encountered in years.

I’d love some well-written capable open-source firmware for the NRF51 to adapt, but not even Adafruit are releasing the source for theirs.