Circuit Playground Express

Is there a plan to sell the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express (the one with a M0 processor) through Pimoroni shop?

I’d really like to play with it and see if I can add it to kid’s workshops, but even if I really appreciate Adafruit, I don’t like the fact to have to wait to the customs roulette (will pay taxes, won’t?)

A proper import through an european shop is far better for me.
(and I really really like Adafruit and Pimoroni ;) )

Yes! We will be stocking it soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

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This made my day!!!
Hurrayyyy for Pimoroni! (yep, and for Adafruit also ;) )

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I’ll try to update you here when they come in stock. :-)

In the meantime, I spotted the M0 version of Gemma. I registered for nofication on this also :)

That’s the next boards I want to show to kids in my small workshops.

That’s not fair, still no Playground Express but Gemma and Feather M0 are available.
OK, geek can’t resist, I ordered the later 2 and will still watch for the Playground.
Bad pirates! ;)

And voilà… It will costs me two shipments, because 2 orders, because availability was one week after another, but at least I’ll have all the babies at home this week end :)

(Gemma and feather M0 already arrived this morning)