Best place to buy Picade in UK?

I know they’re out of stock here at Pimoroni. I’ve seen them in stock elsewhere on the net. However, I wondered when Pimoroni’s stock is refreshed, will there be any difference in revisions of its parts i.e. A revised Picade PCB and therefore better to wait for you guys to get them back in stock?


The Picade PCB itself isn’t being revised, but we’ve been making some minor design tweaks to lessen the chance of button tabs breaking. It depends how patient you are, because there’s a huge chance those tweaks will make no difference to your experience whatsoever.

As far as I know, nothing else is changing. They’re just popular and really hard to keep in stock!

I have a ‘notify me’ set up on the store. I will see how I get on at being patient. I won’t have the funds until next month anyway. Any idea when new stock will arrive?

Unfortunately not! Also learned that the button fitting modifications probably wont be in the next batch anyway. So you can be as impatient as you like for now :D

Oh. Know anywhere in U.K. that stock it then? I’ve gone from patient to delirious in record time :D

Looks like ModMyPi have it:

(Although why their headline image is the old maxi Kickstarter Picade is anyone’s guess!)

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Ah thanks. Haha, I’m so late to this party

Bought one from pimoroni today. Says it will be here in the morning! Woohoo.