Picade issues, button presses not found

(I had put this in the picade section, but it’s gone uncommented over there)

I seem to have an issue with the Picade PCB, none of my buttons are detected by the picade and if I connect it to a PC via USB it doesn’t seem to show up as anything.

A slightly fuller post is here : Built picade, but is my PCB faulty?

When your in the emulation station menu and press a button on the picade, do you get a light on the picade PCB? (i/e, you press a button, a light comes on, you release button, light goes off)

If not, possibly duff picade PCB…

What are you using to power the pi?

I’m using a 5V/2A USB adaptor, but have tried a couple of other adaptors including separate power cables to the screen & Pi. When the Picade has power, ON is lit, and when I press reset BL/Bootloader flashes for a few seconds. I don’t see any activity on the TX/RX lights on button presses for anything.

sounds like a duff board to me. Is this one of the red picade pcb’s or blue? I think pimoroni were making a blue PCB thats easier to read.

I would log it to support@pimoroni for replacement.

It’s a red one. Thanks for the responses, just wanted to run it by someone in case I had made a fundamental error somewhere.

Hey stx!

Can you drop an e-mail to support@pimoroni.com so we can arrange a replacement for you? Let us know your order number and address. :-)

Sorry to wake up such an old topic but I am having the same issue with the supplied USB cable not working. If I use the supplied cable only the amp works. But borrowing the USB cable from my tablet fixes the issue.

I actually purchased my picade through modmypi, but after a week I am still awaiting a respondent(probably due to a back log as the pi3 has just been released as they are normally fast to respond). Its a short red usb cable and does not work with Linux and my pi3 or windows.

That’s very interesting - we can certainly try a replacement cable for you! Could you drop your details to support@pimoroni.com for us please?