Picade joystick microswitch issue


First off, I just want to say how awesome the Picade arcade cabinet kit is, and how simple it was to assemble and get running. Awesome product, nicest looking kit I’ve ever purchased by far.

Only issue I’m having is a faulty switch (down position) in the joystick assembly.

I thought at first it may be an issue with the picade board, but I believe that can be ruled out,
I took loose the orange wire and shorting it to ground produces a good consistent output…

Whipped out the multimeter and continuity tested the suspect switch, and bingo, the switch is only producing a reliable closure about half the time. Still makes a good audible “click” though.

Anyhow, do I need a replacement joystick, or are the microswitches easily replaced?

My order number is #PI62432

Jon R.

I think a replacement joystick is probably the way to go. If you haven’t already done so, drop us an email via our contact form with your order number, and we’ll make sure you get one: https://shop.pimoroni.com/pages/contact-us

I sent an email via the link you provided, but I never received a confirmation or reply, so I’m not sure if it went through or not. Is there any way I can check on the status?


Looks like Matt replied to you on the 13th April… which according to my almost grasp of time was just after your post here. Is everything sorted?

Yep, sorry, meant to post back on here sooner, replacement stick arrived in just a few days. Swapped it out and everything running smoothly now. That was the culprit apparently.

In the meantime… now that my friends have seen the picade, they all want one. Whenever they’re back in stock, reckon I’ll be ordering and building a few more!

Thanks again for the quick service!