Picade Joystick arrived broken


I’ve been working with my son, off and on, to build the the Picade we bought back in August, but discovered today that the joystick is screwed up. Instead of having the pins on the connector sticking straight out, they instead are all bent downwards. I’m going to try to bend the to an appropriate position, but I’m not hopeful. How do I get a replacement?



Go to the “Shop” page, then look for a “contact us” link at the bottom. Use that to e-mail Pimoroni with the issue. I’d put a link to this thread in the tech support e-mail as well. That way they will see the picture you posted.


Hi Eric,

That doesn’t look good! Sorry about that. If you’re not able to bend the pins back please do drop us a line as alphanumeric suggests, and we’ll sort a replacement for you.