Pimoroni Picade

I’ve finally gotten around to assembling my Pimoroni Picade and I’m having problems with the joy stick. I cannot get the joystick DOWN position to get recognized when configuring the controller for gaming in Retro Pi. I’m just at loss as to what could be wrong outside of something being defective. What should I do?

Can you hear the joystick switch click when you move it into the down position?

(also, might be worth trying rotating the joystick connector at the Picade X HAT end in case you’ve got it plugged in the wrong way round?)

Since all the other points left, right and up work I doubt I have the connector in wrong. Yes the joystick does make clicking sounds.

Sounds like you might have a faulty joystick then :( If you drop a message to support using the form on this page they’ll be able to sort you out with a replacement - Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

Ok I reached out. Thanks.

Crickets so far no response.

Double check that you didn’t accidentally enter the wrong e-mail address, typo etc.
And check your spam folder, just in case your ISP sent it there.

I’ve gotten quick and good responses when using that contact us link.

Sorry for the slow response - Thursday and Friday were bank holidays in the UK so we were closed. Looks like you should now have some replacement bits on the way though - hope they sort things for you :)