Joystick help on start up

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2GB), in the Picade arcade machine I have aftermarket RGB buttons and a nicer joystick top but the inner workings are all standard stock.
I followed the instructions for the 10" Picade with PICO-8. I use the official raspberry Pi charger (Assembling your 8" or 10" Picade with PICO-8)

So I get the picade to start up and it all works ok, I haven’t checked the sound. but it then tells me no joystick is connected, The joystick and none of the buttons work either the RGB buttons, or stock. it appears to work with a keyboard, but mapping it is difficult at best and I cant get it to save. And that kinda defeats the point of the arcade machine. How can I get it to configure so i can progress to turn it on using the in built joystick etc… i really want to play street fighter 2. I also tried

"curl | bash” but advised it could not resolve host and there is zero support from pimoroni

I would highly appreciate any help.
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there is zero support from pimoroni

Sorry to hear we haven’t got back to you - support have been short handed due to illness over the last week so replies to messages may be a little slower than normal currently :(

"curl | bash” but advised it could not resolve host

This will be why the buttons / joystick aren’t working - can you send the screen shot of the error? Have you checked your wifi details are correct? (instructions on how to do that are below:)

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Thank you I will check trough step by step and see if that works.