Picade 8 Inch Buttons, Joystick and Speaker not working

Hello, I recently purchased a Picade 8 Inch and after I assembled it, I noticed that the buttons, speaker and joystick didn’t work. I tried downloading the Picadehat software and that didn’t make a difference. I also checked to see if any of the buttons responded in the retropie control configuration settings and the buttons and joystick didn’t respond there either. I’ve also tried to increase the volume of the speaker and nothing changed. I checked to see if the problem was anything obvious like the connector being connected to the joystick being the wrong way round or the PCB not being inserted fully and yet the joystick, buttons and speaker still didn’t work. If anyone could help me troubleshoot the problem that’ll be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

P.S, I’ve attached a photo of my Picade’s wiring so, you guys can spot anything wrong.

I also forgot to mention that the Yellow power button lights up but doesn’t do anything and the two pink buttons get stuck when I press them. I’m using a Pi 3 Model B.

Update, I managed to get the Joystick, buttons and speaker working. A fresh install of Retropie fixed it.