Not detecting joystick or buttons-pi4/usb c picade hat board


I brought a picade arcade kit of ebay but it didn’t come with a raspberry pi. So I brought a new pi4 and a new picade hat usb c board and built it. I have downloaded the latest retropie 4.6 and run that and have updated everything on there. I installed the picade hat driver and have checked the following:

  • Make sure /boot/overlays/picade.dtbo exists: Checked and it does
  • Make sure dtoverlay=picade is in /boot/config.txt: checked and it does
  • Check dmesg output for any glaring errors: Tried to but text goes by too fast. Is there a way to display one page at a time?
  • Check that /etc/udev/rules.d/10-picade.rules exists : Checked and it does

I then tried the following:

  • drop to terminal from ES by hitting F4 (you will need a keyboard!)
  • install wiringpi for the gpio utility: sudo apt install wiringpi
  • run watch -n 0.1 gpio readall to watch your GPIO status
  • hit some buttons, twiddle the joystick (slowly, 0.1 is a tenth of a second so any action <0.1s may not be visible) and see if anything changes

But it comes up with model of board not recognised or similar

I have tried reseating the picade hat board and it works because I have my usb power cable attached to the picade hat board. My adapter is 3A.

It comes up saying configure controls so I press Alt on my usb keyboard but then when I try and press the joystick up nothing happens. I feel I am close to getting it to work but does anyone have any other suggestions I can try?

Any help greatfully received


You can pipe the output from dmesg into the more command to display it one page at a time:

dmesg | more

Press [Space] to go to the next page, and [q] if you want to quit before you get to the end.

I’ve never used the gpio utility, so I don’t know why you’re getting that error - maybe it doesn’t work with the Pi4 and/or the USB-C XHAT.

You can check if the joystick and buttons are working from the terminal. The joystick should move the cursor, and some of the buttons should produce characters on the screen (not all buttons will because some are assigned to non-printing key strokes).