Struggling to get my arcade controls to be mapped/recognized

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B running the latest version of RetroPi and Emulation Station. I just picked up a PIM110 Picade and wired my joystick and buttons to it. Every time I boot it up, it recognizes the controls as a keyboard, and it allows me to register the first control (joystick up). After that, I can’t get it to respond at all. I’m stuck on trying to program joystick down and then the rest of the buttons. Any help would be appreciated. I’m a real noob at this (first project) but I’m great at following clear directions.

Did you Connect a USB keyboard to your Pi, and connect to Wi-Fi in the RetroPie menu. Press F4 to exit to the terminal and then type curl | bash to run the Picade HAT installer.

I will try that right now. Thanks