New Product Suggestions

It would be fantastic if you could stock some Adafruit starter kits - they would be a great Christmas gift considering the time of year. Specifically, the FLORA book pack ( and the ESP8266 WiFi IOT starter kit ( would be great - there are hardly any IOT starter kits available in the UK at the moment (except a very modular and basic one), let alone any Adafruit ones. Another nice IOT starter pack is the particle one (

Another thing which I need for a project that I can’t find anywhere is the LCD extension cable ( - you stock the Kippah, so this would really make sense. It’s stupidly uneconomical to order things from the US like this, and have to pay the shipping as a single-unit buyer.

Archie :)

I’ll take a look at those SKUs!

We have the Particle Photon coming, just waiting for them to land. :-)