Product suggestion for the shop


These are cool and would make great Xmas presents - thought you might stock them :)


Ooh, yes - I have the Makers notebook on my desk - it is nice. We’ll take a look…


@Lisa I second this!


I’d like to see slices for your cases available in the shop - for example, being able to buy additional plain extension slices to make the case deeper, or being able to buy the coupe top slice for a B+ case, rather than having to hand cut your professional-quality case to gain access to the GPIO


You mean like these


Would be nice if the pibow for the e-paper hat made it into the shop ;)



They’re coming. But for now :)


Thanks Connor, was aware Neil had them, but £5 postage makes it an expensive case. I’ll wait and include it in a larger order once you are selling them.