Jetson Nano support


I’m an avid follower of Pimoroni and I have many of your Raspberry Pi Hats but I’ve just got a nVidia Jetson Nano. I would like to use your Hats with the Jetson but when I try to install your libraries I get an error “unsupported hardware”. Would it be possible for you to consider porting you libraries to Jetson Nano?



Please don’t take this the wrong way but doing that opens up a can of worms for retailers like Pimoroni. Do it for one and others then want support for what they bought. Those with an ASUS Tinker Board will likely say me too please, etc.
Plus, for that to even remotely work, the Jetson Nano’s header would have to match the Pi’s GPIO header exactly, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it can’t hurt to ask, I’m kind of thinking that it isn’t going to happen any time soon though. It’s likely a lot of work.

I understand what you are saying but these Hats hold an incredible value in enabling people to advance IoT and we should not miss any opportunity to open up these components!

Adafruit are testing the water with the blinker library…

I agree to a point. It all boils down to do you have the time and resources. I’ve bought from Adafruit from time to time. Adafruit is more Micro Controller oriented. Arduino, BBC Micro Bit, and all the ones they produce in house. I bought quit a few breakout boards from them, and then struggled to get them working on a Raspberry Pi. All thier code and examples were for Arduino. A much bigger company than Pimoroni, from what I can tell anyway. And I think they have been at it a lot longer.
For the record, I don’t work for or have any affiliation to Pimoroni, or Adafruit for that matter. I just like hanging out here trying to help out. Pimoroni is now my new go to place for Pi stuff. Thier stuff “just works” on a Pi. Pimoroni seem to be much more Raspberry Pi orientated. Thats good or bad depending on how you look at it. I’m just getting into Arduino’s, and thier breakouts are a bit of a struggle sometimes to get working with an Arduino.
IoT isn’t a big interest for me personally. Not yet anyway. I had a go With Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT for the Pi and it was just a big episode of head banging. I’m sure the alternatives are much better, just haven’t had the need to go there.
Time to wait and see what somebody from Pimoroni has to say I think?

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The Nano header does match the Pi GPIO header (by design) and they claim to have a Raspi.GPIO compatible library. I’ll be experimenting over the next day or so but some code should work with little porting effort. They also have I2C support using smbus. SPI seems to be more of a problem at present.

I’m hoping to drive the Pimoroni Pan and Tilt hat for the Pi camera directly from the Nano. (The Nano also supports the Pi camera). I’ll report progress here and on twitter (as @rareblog).

I see Pimoroni are now selling the Jetson Nano, that may be a good thing for those of you that own one. It’s a bit pricey for me with my limited budget for this kind of stuff. I’m not implying its overpriced, just that I have other things I want more. ;)

So the problem is that you don’t have as flexible PWM. Also the available current seems to be lower.

But one can get softpwm to run and then the explorer phat motors work for me: