Adafruit Flora - LCD Display


I recently puchased an Adafruit Flora from you and would like to know if there is an LCD display that can be used with it. I’m looking to display just a few digits as an indication of a cyclist’s speed.

Many thanks

You should look for i2c LCDs, this is a good one if you need only 4 digits (not strictly an LCD though): or you could use the alphanumeric version:

These are good, bit very, very tiny:

I’m guessing it should be reasonably bold, clear and daylight viewable?

Thanks … the looks suitable. Couple of questions though:

The description states that a 5v supply is required but, as far as I understand it, the Flora produces 3v … is this sufficient?

Is the backback pre-soldered? My soldering skills are not good ;)

Thanks again

Unfortunately it’s not pre-soldered, but the Flora does include a 5V output pin on its SPI header which is documented here:

The i2c backpack datasheet claims 3.3v logic levels are out of spec- IE: a “HIGH” is 0.7 VDD (ie: 3.4v) and a “LOW” is 0-0.3 VDD (ie: 1.5v). Anything between 1.5v and 3.4v is technically undefined behaviour, but in my experience tends to work fine!