Adafruit Mini Pan-Tilt

Hi all,

I just see the new mini Pan-Pilt from Adafruit and wonder if it can be directly plug to the raspberry GPIO or if I need an additionnal board like the pibrella?


You can use a Raspberry Pi directly, but I’d recommend a driver board, since the Pi involves rather a lot of software kludge to generate a suitable and stable PWM signal. However, if you’re up to the challenge you can definitely give it a go:

The easiest way to get started would be to use RPi.GPIO most likely, there’s a pretty detailed guide for that here:

And there’s Servo Blaster:

PiGPIO also does servos:

And many others!

If you decide to use a driver board, you can use pretty much any Arduino/AVR based board as a driver stand-in, such as a Trinket, Trinket Pro or similar. If you want something a bit more dedicated you can use this 16-channel servo driver: