Project help


I’d like to build robot around my RPi 3. The outputs would be a couple of basic electric motors and a pan-tilt unit. Inputs will be three line followers and an ultrasonic rangefinder. From what I’ve read it would be best not to control the motors and servos from the Pi for various reasons and so I’m looking for a controller that can run all my inputs and outputs and be controlled from the Pi.

I’m aware of the RasPiRobot but it doesn’t seem to handle all the inputs and outputs I want.

The Gopigo seems a closer fit and is available with a convenient kit but the pan-tilt seems to just pan.

The DAGU Mini Arduino Motor Driver Control Board looks like it has everything but I have never used Arduino. Presumably it can be programmed and controlled by the Pi?

Are there any other options I should consider? Please could you let me know what you think I should buy and any other advice for a first time hacker.

Thank you!


Have you considered the explorer phat and with a pan-tilt hat on top?


Thanks for the reply. No I haven’t considered hats. I didn’t realise that
they stacked like that. I wouldn’t know where to start.
Do you know anything about boards that have everything I need like Pi2Go
or, ideally, an arduino compatible board like the DAGU Mini Arduino Motor
Driver Control Board? Do you sell either of these and if not, do you have
something similar?

Thanks again.


Neither are sold here but another option could be the 4tronix picon zero.


Have a look at the Coretec Robot (sold by Pimoroni but currently out of stock) Brian has put together a nice little tutorial about using the rock candy controller as a remote control also google the CamJam EduKits especially the robotics kit which has lots of info on Ultrasonic ranging and line follower inputs. The other thing to consider in your design is the power consumption as you will have minimum two motors for the chassis and then another two servos for the pan tilt so you’ll need a reasonably hefty power pack