Portable power & wiring for Pimoroni Pan-Tilt HAT


Ahoy Pirates. First post & first Pimoroni product,
I bought a Pimoroni Pan-Tilt HAT for Raspberry Pi - without pan-tilt module from Adafruit and am unsure how to wire/portable-power it for use on my robot. I’ll be adding an assembled pan tilt arm w/servos (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1967) and a Pi cam to the Pan-tilt Hat. The hat will be on stackable headers on an Adafruit Motor Hat that’s on a Pi 3 B+. Robot and control app are so far working well but I need help with Pan-Tilt

The page for the Pan-Tilt HAT mentions using a high quality 5v/2.4A power supply, but (image here from Adafruit site https://cdn-shop.adafruit.com/1200x900/3353-00.jpg) 1) there aren’t any jacks on the Hat, and 2) I’m unsure what would be the best portable power options for the Pan-Tilt hat (despite building the bot and coding the app I’m REALLY GREEN to even basic electronics so kindly be very explicit, I have no training in electronics at all, just started making a few months ago).

So sorry for the engineering n00b questions, but:

  1. Can I solder something into the pins in the diagram, then use another 3350mAh cell-phone charger to power this hat and it’s motors? If so, what kind of jack would I attach and where would it go?
  2. Should I instead solder power from a separate 4AA (or 6AA with rechargables) directly to the Pan-Tilt Hat and if so, where do red and black wires go?
  3. If I go with option 2 - can I put a terminal or jack over location where I attach power so that I have more flexibility in swapping out power?
  4. Are the three separate battery packs (one for pi and one for each hat) the right way to be thinking about this project, or is there a preferable way to unify these with a beefier battery option I can somehow use across the two hats or even all three boards (Pi 3B+, Adafruit Motor Hat, and Pimoni Pan-Tilt Hat)?

I’ve shared some tutorial videos on what I’ve built so far (iOS to Pi uses MQTT, mosquito on Pi, and a simple python script on the Pi). For a look, see:

Thx for advice!