Adafruit Pro Trinket

Currently powering/controlling one of these using a full size Arduino UNO. I’ve been looking at shrinking the project down by using a smaller board.

Having dismissed the standard Trinket as it’s a bit low on flash for my use, I’m looking at the Pro Trinket but I notice that there’s a comment which says: The onboard power supply is a 3.3V/5V regulator and it can provide 150mA output. Is this something I need to worry about moving from the full size board? I.e. is there a risk my LEDs will be dimmer?

As far as I can tell the datasheet says the typical current draw is 34mA, but could do with a second pair of eyes to confirm.


Just noticed in Adafruit’s tutorial it mentions: You can also snag the 5V power from the USB jack in case you need 500mA+ current from your computer or portable USB power pack. so I should be ok - just need to figure out where that connection is :)