Adafruit Time of Flight Sensor



Does anyone know if the 940nm laser in this:

would go through glass without generating a return signal? Specifically through highly efficient double glazing glass? I believe these are sometimes treated so they don’t allow much infrared through them but I don’t know if this would apply as high as 940nm.

Any advice appreciated.


I don’t think there’s a simple answer to this question, I’d definitely err on the side of “no” though :D But that’s more cautionary than justified.

There’s a supplement to the datasheet entitled “VL53L0X ranging module cover window guidelines” which gets rather specific.


I’ve started looking at that document but I’m inclined towards spending the fifteen quid and finding out for myself rather than trying to figure all that out :)


I had that general impression from reading the document too. I’m definitely more of a “try it and see” than a “I understand this incredibly complicated application note” kinda guy. If I weren’t out of the office for Christmas, I’d already be trying it!


Hey there! I’m working on a project doing something similar—did you end up buying and testing it out? Curious to hear how you netted out if so.


Hello, did you guys get anywhere with your investigations?

Are either of you connecting it to Raspberry Pi? If so how did you do such magic?