Add a link to your store in the title


I was going jump to the store, seems to be no link that I can see. Although I don’t have my glasses on . ;)

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Ooh, a link from the forums to the shop?

We did have a bar along the top at one point, but it broke the forums and drove me absolutely crazy so it was torn down when we designed the shop.

I’ll see if there’s a way to get some added.

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All done! You should see it when you’re scrolled up to the top.

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Nice one sir, thanks. :)

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To reawaken a dozing thread - you also might want to adjust said bar to include the blog when viewed from any of the main pages bar the shop. At the moment if you’re on the learn or forum main pages (can’t comment on the twitter one, as it’s p®oxy-blocked here at work) the blog link in the bar vanishes. It’s only visible when you’re on the main shop page…

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I’m seeing this too. :)

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yep, will be fixed soon!

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Could we have one of these for the blog too, perhaps?