Adding push switch to scrollHD with lipo shim


I have setup the scrollHD phat and lipo shim on a pi zero and I’d like to add a push button switch to shutdown the pi safely.

From reading about the pins used, I think I could solder wires to pins 37 and 39 for a switch and then adapt the Pimoroni’s clean-shutdown script to use BCM26 for the trigger_pin.

With the lipo shim installed and scroll hat on top, there is a gap between the board header at pins 37 & 39, where I intend on attempting to solder the wires for the push switch. Or solder underneath the Pi Zero.

I haven’t added a switch to a Pi with hats installed, so just want to check this all seems sensible and would appreciate advice on this.

Thanks in advance

That sounds sensible enough, although you would have to adapt cleanshutdown to monitor both the LiPo SHIMs automatic shutdown pin and your button.

I’m actually working on a python replacement to this script at the moment, which might be easier to modify when it’s finished depending on what you’re more familiar with.

See work in progress here:

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