Zero LiPo + Switch


Is it possible to use a switch on the Zero LiPo? I realise there are three pins - 5V, GND & EN - could this be used in conjunction with a simple switch, like this one ( to turn the power on / off?

What is the best way to use the Zero LiPo with an off/off switch or button?

Yep… that’s exactly what the 3-pin breakout is for. Or you can use a jumper to bring the EN pin to ground if you think £3 is a lot of money for a single switch ;-)


Perfect. Thought as much! I already have one of those switches anyway, so will be using that on this. Thanks.


Quick update for the benefit of anybody else trying this - it works straight away! Just soldered the slider switch into place, trimmed the excess from the pins of the switch (to avoid shorting anything on my Pi as I’ve soldered the Zero LiPo directly to the GPIO pins) and hey-presto! Excellent little board and looking forward to using it as a mobile dashcam in my car!


Will that switch run the shut-down script? Or is it a hard power-off? I’m looking at this for an essentially headless unit.

Mine is still in the mail, so I don’t have the unit to look at yet the traces yet. But trying to plan out switch placement and such. I fear I’m looking for sort of a mutant between the Zero LiPo and the OnOff Shim.



I believe it’s a hard power-off because it is just a simple circuit on the board that the switch controls. One way, it’s on - the other way it’s off.

I’ve also been using a Mausberry Circuit switch that you can connect your own switch too, and it will power on / off the Pi safely, but you may also want to consider Pimoroni’s On/Off Shim.


I’m building a web-enabled name tag using the InkyPhat. So I liked the compact style of the ZeroLiPo, then just using double sided tape for the LiPo pack on the back of the Zero, and some kind of a pin or clip or something to hold it all on my shirt.

I can always trigger a shutdown by grounding a pin and running some code. So I’ll try it old school. Was hoping I could be lazy. Would be a great function to add to the Zero LiPo PLUS! ;-)

Thanks for the reply!