Lipo shim solder to under of zero?

Hey everyone,

Kind of new to electronics, I am trying to make a little standalone spotify streaming device from the speaker phat and the pi zero w.

I bought a lipo shim thinking I could get away with stacking the hats on top of each other, but sadly the shim pressed against the speaker.

As such, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can use the GND EN and BAT pins on the shim to go direct to the connectors on the back side of the board? I can’t find online which is which, and mine has no silk screen on the back to tell me what they are.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!

Here’s a link to the pins used on LiPo SHIM.


Is there a way to solder direct to the other connectors on the pi, or should I just connect to those pins? Would it interfere with what the speaker Phat is doing?

There aren’t any pin clashes between LiPo SHIM and Speaker pHAT, so you should just be able to connect those pins. You should be able to use the mounting hole on LiPo SHIM to secure it to the underside of your Pi Zero fairly neatly, and then solder some small wires to the appropriate pins.

awesome! I can’t wait to get this bad boy up and running! time to model the enclosure, I’ll share the progress here

Just to confirm, you should be soldering the pins on the 2x6 row of header pins, not on the 3 broken out pins, as they’re for external power input. In other words, connect the pins on that 2x6 row to the respective ones on the header on your Pi.

yup got it! thanks for double checking though