LiPo SHIM questions


When using this amazing widget to power a Pi device does it take over the GPIO normally assigned to ttyAMA0? In this case the one for TXD. I ask of course because the one I bought from Micro Center here in the US a number of years previously was configured with the connector attached so I’d be able to use it with a variety of Raspberry Pi devices and not be tied down to the one it was soldered to.

I also use the serial port at ttyAMA0 as my first place to see that the device is connecting to a known working WiFi access point.

Now my next steps are to attach a stackable header to a Pi Zero with the connector used for the hats and exenders pointing down. That connector would sit in the thing used normally to attach to ribbon cables, and have the same style male header pins sticking up.

However all of this is a moot point as applies to the LiPo SHIM device and the working serial port on the Pi Zero.

On a side note I can tell all of you that the little guy is working splendidly with the different Pi Zeros I’ve tried it with an assortment of LiPo batteries. Not the typical 18350 types, the tradition flatpack ones. However would it work with that size battery?
I remain a curious fellow in the US.


Pin out is here,
It looks like it only uses GPIO 4.

EDIT: Not sure why the product page for the LIPO Shim, pinout link, takes you to the Zero LIPO Pinout?


to respond to alphanumeric, the says zero_lipo because that was the previous name.


" LiPo SHIM (formerly known as Zero LiPo) "

And to respond to DrWho8, as alphanumerics says, there’s no conflict with ttyAMA0. but the lipo shim connector does cover those pins. if you access from the bottom that would work fine.