Why does the Lipo-Shim have 2x6 header pins?

I have a Lipo-Shim that I want to solder onto a Pi Zero W and I want to use a header of 2x4 pins because it seems that only physical pins 1, 2, 6 and 7 are used (3V3, 5V, GND, GPIO4). Indeed, the picture of the shim on https://pinout.xyz/pinout/zero_lipo shows 2x4 “pin holes”. But the actual shim has 2x6! The included male-female header connector is also 2x6.

I figured that despite the 2x6 layout and accessories it would probably be OK to use a 2x4 header, but there’s a slight niggle: “Then why did they make it 2x6?” So is the extra 2x2 only for (mechanical) stability? Seems weird to cover another four GPIO pins just for that.

Another question I have is about the included rubber foot. There’s no obvious place to rest it on a Pi Zero board. What’s recommended or what works well for people? I figured it could rest on the sdcard holder but it needs to be thinner to keep the shim level. So, cut it in half (height-wise), I guess.

2x6 is both for consistency with OnOff SHIM (fewer parts to worry about) and to encompass an additional ground pin. You should be fine with 2x4.

OK thanks. Off to the soldering mines!

It works. I thought I b0rked it with a slip of the soldering iron, but no 👍