OnOff-Shim installation instructions?

Apologies for newbie questions:
Is the 2x6 header supplied to permit transfer between different RPi Model 3s?
Can it be used on a RPi Model B?
Thanks in advance.

Nope, we don’t supply a 2x6 header since it’s intended to slip over the pins and be used in conjunction with a pHAT or HAT.

I’m not sure about the Model B. It should be electrically compatible, but I don’t have one handy to see if it will physically fit.


A 2x6 header is enclosed in the OnOff-Shim packet and is advertised on your website.

The GPIO pins look to be the same spacing on Model B as on Model 3. I will have to check the electrical designations.

Regards, David

Yeah the GPIO pins are the same, but something else might get in the way!

D’oh! I had no idea about the 2x6 header. Sort-of defeats the point of a SHIM, but I guess it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Specially since they’re hard to get at a good price in low volumes if you do need 'em.

Yep, the header is included for using the SHIM in a non-permanent setup, as that’s a fairly legitimate use-case. I think I’m right in saying that the two pins that are used by OnOff SHIM in software for the clean-shutdown daemon are the same on the Model B as on the B+, 2, and 3.