Compatibility Question - OnOff SHIM

Could anyone please tell me whether the OnOff SHIM (PIM269) is compatible with an original Pi B (rev 2)?

I do see that it says “Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models” and my Pi B has only 26, but it does also say more generically “Compatible with Raspberry Pi”.

I’m guessing it’s a “no” but just want to be sure, if anyone could confirm 100% please?

Thank you in anticipation.

As far as I know, those 26 pins match up with those same 26 pins of the 40 pin header.
And your only using some of them for the on off shim.
OnOff SHIM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
GPIO - Raspberry Pi Documentation
I can’t see why it wouldn’t work?

Thanks for the fast response. I looked at different pinout diagrams and couldn’t make my mind up.

I already have the SHIM, I’m just a bit scared to blow up my first ever Pi from 2012. Sad, I know!

It doesn’t hurt to ask and get a second opinion. As near as I can tell, the pins that count, +5V, 3.3V and Ground are where they should be.

Turns out to be a moot question.

Having not soldered for years but done what I thought was quite a neat job on the header, I did in fact desolder one of the components and obliterate another.

Now I remember why I hadn’t used the SHIM before. Quite why every item that requires soldering isn’t also offered as an (extra cost) pre-soldered version I have no idea. People can enjoy tinkering with hardware without enjoying soldering. Thought I’d give it a try but I’ve learned my lesson.

Back to the drawing board.

Sorry to hear that.

Soldering on a header is a time consuming extra manual step, All the SMT placement and soldering is automated. A pick and place and an oven. Plus, a lot of people like the option of what header they want to use, or not use any extra header. I have a bunch of Pi Zero’s with female 90 degree headers on them. It lets me plug them directly to a pHat Stack etc and skip using the ribbon cable.
Good soldering takes time to learn, its an acquired skill. The tip you use has a big impact on how good a job you can do. Too big a tip and you get collateral damage,