Blinkt! and OnOff SHIM

I’m building a small cluster (6 * Pi 3) and I would like to add a Blinkt! and OnOff SHIM to each of the pi’s, possibly without soldering the OnOff SHIM.
My idea is to use the Blinkt to have some way to have some feedback while working on the cluster, is this possible?


The Blinkt pinout is here,

and the On Off shim here,

I don’t see any pin conflicts so they should work together no problem.
The on off shim requires soldering though.
If you use the 11mm stacking header with the On Of shim the Blinkt will plug in on top of it.

thank you, my main concern was about soldering the OnOff SHIM I had checked the pinout, probably I should have worded better my post.

It’s going to have to be soldered to a header. I can’t see it functioning properly otherwise.

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