Onoff Shim short circuit?

Hello, I have soldered a onoff shim to the header pins of a pi zero. The problem I have is that there maybe a short somewhere but I don’t know where. I know this because the led will stay on dim the whole time the pi is powered. When the pi is booted up, the shutdown is immediately initiated following by a blinking led on the shim. After the power has been cut off to the pi, the red led is also off.

Could this be a faulty board? I can’t find any shorts caused by soldering. How can I possibly solve this?

I can measue continuity across the button terminals. Maybe a broken button?

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Have a look under the board, between the on off shim and the Pi and see if anything on the Pi is touching the bottom side of the on off shim.

Also, are you feeding power in via the on off shim’s Micro USB, and not the Pi’s Power Micro USB?

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Nothing underneath seems to be touching the raspberry pi. I have put a price of tape underneath the onoff shim to prevent it from touching the pi. I’m powering the pi through the on off shim.

Edit: I have cleaned the board again and now it’s working. Probably some residual flux that caused the problem.
Thanks for the help anyway

Hey, what ever works. Must have been a little wisp of solder or something shorting two pins?