Soldering advice – Button SHIM and Blinkt



I hope one of you might be able to help me with a space-saving issue.

Unless I’m mistaken, it should be possible to solder a Button SHIM onto a header and then slot a Blinkt straight on top. Having lined up both on a spare male header, there seems to be enough room, and thankfully they each use different GPIO pins.

Does anyone know whether this might work? I’m unsure as to how far the pins need to slot inside a female header. If it wouldn’t work, I’m wonder whether it’s possible to solder a Pico HAT the opposite way to pictures on the page, so that it sits over the top of the Pi Zero’s footprint.

I’m keen to keep this project quite small and compact and it’s all sat inside a Pibow W at the moment, but any advice would be well received.

Cheers folks!


Yes, the “SHIM” suffix stands for: Stuff Hardware In Middle. They were designed to fit between a Pi and a regular add-on board.


Incredible! That makes everything a lot easier. Thanks again for your help, Phil 👌