OnOff SHIM - Questions regarding GPIO allocation and wiring


Hey there,

I make it short, I have 2 questions (as in my project this would be necessary):

1.) I want to solder a short cable with micro USB plug to the Shim to connect it to the micro USB connector instead of the 5 V Pin of the pinout. Is something wrong with that?

2.) As GPIO 17 is used from another addon in my project (and I think it won’t be so easy to change that), I would connect the board to an other GPIO Pin. Were to find the PIN assignment in the scripts, can it be changed easily?

So my wiring (bold, were i differ from the pinout on https://pinout.xyz/pinout/onoff_shim#):

Pin 1 OnOff SHIM --> Pin 1 RasPi (3,3 V)
Pin 2 OnOff SHIM --> Cable Connected to the Micro USB Plug (5 V)
Pin 6 OnOff SHIM --> Cable Connected to the Micro USB Plug (GROUND)
Pin 7 OnOff SHIM --> Pin 7 RasPi (BCM 4, Shutdown)
Pin 9 OnOff SHIM --> necessary, as Ground is connected through Pin 6?
Pin 11 OnOff SHIM --> Pin 22 RasPi (BCM 25 instead of BCM 17)

Thank you very much in advance!



Hey there,

no one out there who can help me?