OnOff Shim - 3.3v required or not?

Simple question, but seen some conflicting information. For reasons, I don’t want to use the OnOff Shim as a shim.

Clearly need to connect 5v, Ground, 7 (BCM 4) and 11 (BCM 17). Do I need to connect 3.3v as well?

According to the pinout, its used.

Problem is, that conflicts with the information by a user in one of the comments on the product page itself (https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/onoff-shim) which says:

If you run wires to it, the only connections you need are 5v, Ground, BCM4 and BCM17.

Be interested to know if anyone had practical experience of this…

Leave the 3.3 V unconnected and see if it works? Maybe that commenter got it wrong and it is needed?