Pico Lipo Shim used pins

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I’m looking for some support on the Pico Lipo Shim (PIM557). Due to space constraints, I cannot solder it just on top or bottom, but need to wire only the used pins. Can somebody help with interpreting the schematic and knows the actually used connections? I.e.:

  • which pin(s) are used for GND? The schematic shows 3x12, does this mean only pin 3 is used? (I’m a bit confused since I would have expected that to be called 3x3, and pin 12 is not accessible on the shims PCB)
  • are pins 2 and 4 used at all? They are labelled as 2x3 and 4x3 on the pico and on the XB6096. But on the X these would be xGND, but not on the Pico, so I guess the same label is just a coincidence.

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Your going to need these for sure.
40 - VBUS ,used to charge the battery
39 - VSYS , used to power the PICO
38 - Ground, might also need one or two from the other side?
37 - 3.3V EN, turns the PICO on off via the button on the shim.
36 - 3.3V OUT, used by anything connected to the PICO.
35 - ADC VRef, used for battery state
34 - GP28 / A2, used for battery state

Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO Pinout

This is what I did to make it as slim as posible.
How I soldered on my PICO LIPO Shim - Discussion / Projects - Pimoroni Buccaneers

Hi! Thanks for all the information! Maybe somebody from Pimoroni can chime in and state which pins are actually used (eg for GND)?

You need VBUS (to enable charging), VSYS (for powering the Pico), 3v3 Out (for the shim power led only), 3v3 En (for the power button to work while USB is plugged in), and at least one ground pin, but we’d recommend two ground pins for proper ground connection.

Thanks a lot for the fast responses and inspirations!

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