MotorLiPO SHIM for Pico - help?

Hey there!

I’m in the process of building a remote controlled tank using the Motor SHIM for Pico but I have a few questions if anyone can help. Sorry if these seem obvious, but please take pity on a newbie.

  • The Motor SHIM takes up 10 pins on each side of the Pico, but I guess it doesn’t actually use all of those pins? The art work suggests it’s only actually using 5 of them, but confirmation would be very welcome.
  • I’ve got a LiPO SHIM to go with it to power the whole thing, but I don’t understand if I can solder them both to the board in the same place? Surely they’d interfere with each other? I did consider the Pico LiPO as an alternative, but I need the wireless module on the Pico W to make my dream work.

Any help welcome!

The schematic should tell you what pins are used.
It’s linked too on the product page.
motor_shim.sch (

Thanks for that, though I’m not sure I can really read it and understand.

I’m still looking at the other half of my question though - how do you stack a LiPO and a Motor SHIM without interference. Can you point me to anything that’ll help me not break what I’ve bought?

Actually - your responses from 2022 might be just what I need! Thanks for the help :-)

Keep in mind that the Pico Lipo doesn’t have Bluetooth or WIFI.