Arduino Compatible Adapter

Hello all,

I am using Arduino MKR GSM 1400 w/o Antenna to collect the water temperature using a Waterproof DS18B20-compatible Temperature Sensor.

I would like to get the Arduino Compatible Adapter with three pins in order to connect the sensor directly to the Arduino; however, I can’t find this item (the adapter) to be sold separately.

Can you suggest any alternatives that work with Arduino 1400?


If you check the VMA324 Scheme document on the product page, the adapter is very simple (everything between the blocks marked J1 and J2). You could possibly build it yourself on a breadboard. I can’t see anything else on Pimoroni’s shop which would do the same job.

EDIT: Actually, if you go to the store page for just the DS180B itself, that links to a tutorial for how to wire it manually.