BME680 for Arduino

I am new to this group, and to Arduino.
I just bought one of your BM680 sensor board and have an Arduino Uno Rev3, and also plan to use with a Arduino MKR.
I have seen you have a tutorial for Pi, but do you have same for example sketch for reading data on Arduino?
Will appreciate any feedback…

This may help you figure it out.

Keep in mind that the UNO uses 5V logic levels and the MKR uses 3.3v logic levels.
On the MKR I would use 3V as the supply voltage to the BME680. Initially anyway. I would only use 5V if it doesn’t work at 3V.

Thanks, i took a look at this.
I think this is designed for the Adafruit module with SPI interface whereas the Pimoroni is I2C. I only see 2 data Pins on the Pimoroni breakout board.
When i load the Adafruit BME 680, I get an error message Adafruit_Sensor.h: No such file or directory.
Not sure if this is due to not loading correct files into the IDE (copied AF instructions) or its the wrong interface…

The tutorial I linked to is for the Adafruit one. I hadn’t noticed it was SPI and i2c, ops.
I should have looked a little closer. I had assumed, wrongly I guess, the library would work with any i2c BME680. I wonder if its because the Adafruit one may be useing a different i2c address?
I have two BME680’s, both are connected to Raspberry Pi’s though. I have an UNO and an MKR but haven’t done very much with them yet. It’s something I’ve been meaning to rectify. I have plans to get into Arduino after Christmas. I have a Pi 4B earmarked to run the Arduino IDE on for the best of both worlds.
Right now though my Arduino skills are pretty basic.