Aspiring pianist seeks hat that works


I bought Pianohat the other day - a jewel of a product that sits snugly on my extraordinary Raspberry PI2 like a minature grand piano. But despite a flash new loudspeaker, duly connected thru powered USBs, and all the other good stuff that links PI and I to this extraordinary Pomoroni website - I can´t get it to work. The key was to send the following down the line: ¨curl -sSL¨ but all that came back was a sort of gobbledegook with phrases like unable to load onto Python2 or 3 libraries, but examples copied to a working directory (no indication as to where that was) and after what appeared to be resounding success in some aspect of what was going on in the terminal, and`a suggestion that I contact Pomoroni support, the response, which had been checkered with ¨echos¨ended sadly with ´ábort´ Could some kind person please describe the steps I need to take so that I can hit those beautiful keys. Will there be an ON button on the screen?


In my Monday morning haze I’ve just run the script without “piping it to bash” and seen an output very much like you describe. It may be the | bash that you’re missing off the end. Try exactly this:

curl | bash

If you’re using one of our small black wired keyboards the pipe, | can be found to the right of the left shift key. It’s a very special character in Bash which tells it to take the gobbledeygook that you’re seeing and send to Bash, which is capable of understanding and running that gobbledeygook.

Good luck!


Whoa - I had no idea a special keyboard was needed and none of the ones I have have a ‘pipe’ key. Can pipe/bash be emulated or must I buy another keyboard? Nevertheless tks for your comment.


Pipe can often look like a line with a small break in the middle. Try "shift + "

There will be a way to type it on your keyboard, even if it’s not obvious.