Audio phat causing reset? What am I doing wrong?

I’ve purchased my first Raspberry Pi, it’s a zero w. I’m running into an issue with a Pimoroni audio pHat. Basically when I try to play audio it makes a popping sound on the little speaker and the RPi resets.

Ran the pimoroni script via github, seems like it connected just fine. The first time I asked it to play the file, it gave me a small console message to say it wasn’t going to use hdmi audio, it would try to use the hat.

Took a video the second time ( I was trying to recreate it - I’m hoping to figure it out before trying to power it further with the board. The pop sounds more like discharge so I don’t want to possibly damage the board any more than I might of already.

Could someone give me a hint / tips at what I might be doing wrong? All solder points look clean, connections seem to be 100% where they should be.

Many many thanks for any assistance!!

I changed /etc/asound.conf file as per manual installation. It was the only thing seemingly different. ( pcm.!default { type hw card 0} )

‘aplay’ still resets device with a pop, ‘mplayer’ doesn’t. Mplayer has successfully played sound through the speaker. Can’t figure out how to get chrome or anything else to give controls. Would love any kind of insight = )

What’s really weird is ‘mplayer file.wav still’ makes it crash really intermittently…

Which audio pHAT? Are you using pHAT BEAT and pairing it with low-impedance speakers?

Otherwise, what power supply are you using?

The popping sound is a normal, if unfortunate, side-effect of the speakers transitioning from their off state to on.