Automation HAT ADC and Ground noob question

Hi guys,

Love the automation HAT - made several working small projects even though I’m more of a code guy than elecronics guy :-)

If I have different input sources for the ADC inputs, lets say a max 3v source on ADC 1 and a max 9v source on ADC 2 - is it OK to connect both sources to ground o the Automation HAT or will that mess things up?

Cheers, Lazze

Common grounds are fine. More often than not, you need a common reference for things to work. As long as the different + rails are separate from each other things will be fine.
On the Pi there is +5V and +3.3V, they both share the same ground pins.

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Thanks! I tought so, just wanted to check :-)



Hey, if in doubt ask? ;) It may save you some heartache latter on. =)