Automation pHAT input 2 & 3 read same

i have two automation pHAT’s and both have an ADC issue, solved that with error handling
but input #2 & #3 read the same i canT get seperate inputs is there a known defect?(both pHAT) i have one automation hat that works perfect! love it, need help plz with pHAT TnKS

Are those two pHats each connected to two different Pi’s?
The pinout is here if that helps

same pi zero W, i’m using the analogs as a work around. ADC check also fails but error handling solved that .

Maybe its the Pi? Or a soldering issue? If its not to much trouble a good picture of the soldering might help.

I found this but haven’t tried it.

Nice find @Crowbot. I’ve seen that mentioned on the Pi Foundation forum, forgot all about it until I saw your post.

thanks for the great info, soldering is fine, header i crooked on the first one both work the same i will incld pics if i get time, i will definitely try another pi to check.